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fad*** Jul 17, 2011 ,
Get emoticon installation code to your blog with your own icon options
Emoticon Creator For Blog aka Javascript Installer Creator For Blog is an application to make an emoticon. It is not to make a graphic emoticon but
it works to make a javascript code to be installed to your blog. It is used if you want your own emoticon to your blog. It should be stored in your PC for your use at any time. but it needs an update because your code may no longer useful for new or modification template php hoster.
This application can only download 35 emoticon sahaja.kerana if more, may be burdensome to your blog.
Of course it works because it is copyrighted by the blog owner hantujavascript.blogspot.com.
Each code is given or not given (plagiarized) is a sensitive besifat ... If you do not have enough skills and try to change the code, kemunkinan it did not avail ...

Name: emoticon Creator For Blog
Version: v1.1
Release Date: 16/07/2011
App Developer: Fadzz / fadzzz-pro / fadz /
App Type: HTML document
Suport Browser: Chrome 8 +, Mozzilla firefox 3 +, IE 8 + ...
File size: 13.2MB
Description: this application created by fadzzz (original)
download, extract zip, and click on the link tutorial (after download) for assistance
Pass: hantujavascript
Please Send any information about this application for me to make improvements such as error / code / effectiveness / suggestions and any form of information / suggestions.
if you want to leave a comment, write in with comments effectiveness of thisapplication (if willing) ...
Happy Trying!
Tutorial 1 - How To Install Emoticon Creator For Blog Your PC
Tutorial 2 - How To Use And Get Code Emoticon
Tutorial 3 - How To Install Code To Your Blog


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