Problem Using Your Built-in Webcam?

Fikri Mfp Jul 25, 2012 2 Comments ,,
As I surf the internet, I saw a lot of people having problem with their built-in webcam especially a laptop/netbook/notebook user. Most of the questions are:-
"I can't use my webcam" ;
"How can I use my webcam" ;
"I have a webcam but I can't use it" ;

Those are some of the popular questions I get from either Facebook or Blog or anywhere on the Internet.
Well, I was also one of those people who asked these question
To solve it, it's simple. I choose to download this software called Picasa Picture Manager. (Picture at right)
It really helps you especially in managing your whole lot of picture. Also, it automatically imports your picture when you plug-in devices such as pendrive, phone, or anything that contains pictures and also video. If you're already interested, click here. Oh forgot to tell you, it is 100% free of charge.

Next, I will guide you on how to do basic things with your new installed Picasa. 

1. Open it of course. Then to use your webcam [AT LAST!] refer the picture.

2. You can also do some basic editing here (not as good as photoshop for sure). Just double-click on the picture you wanna edit. and you'll get this

So, just click and try everything. It's fun once you know how to use it correctly.

You can't expect me to explain everything to you as the usage of this software are too much to be explained by a poor blogger like I am. To learn more about it, just simply click the here. Yup, the same link as before. but this time don't click the 'Download' button as you already have it. Click on one of any picture below it and start exploring.

That's all on this post. Feel free to leave comment and if I did anything wrong please correct me. Human do make mistake. ( psst, I'm not computer. LOL :p )


  1. webcam leh guna, tapi gambar tak cantik.. entah setting silap aritu, dah tak reti nak undo.haha.

  2. gambar cantik x cantik tu sbenanya tengok kualiti camera provided... contoh kalau camera 1.3 mp memang harapanlah nak gambar cantik..


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